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Xining to Lhasa plus two trains

With the opening of the Qinghai Tibet railway, from the year of June, the number of Tibet tourism will be gradually increased, in order to meet the needs of the tourist season passenger demand growth, the Qinghai Tibet railway company decided from this month to two additional passenger trains from Xining to Lhasa, this reporter learned from the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company in June 7th.It is reported that

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Urban and rural residents medical insurance general outpatient co-ordination pilot started in Januar

Reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department was informed that, recently, the office of the provincial government issued a "work plan" pilot urban and rural residents health insurance general out-patient service system in Qinghai Province, the decision since January 1, 2016 in the West District of Xining City, Hainan Prefecture, to cover all the insured rural residents general outpatient co-ordinate system pilot work.It is reported that the

, in accordance with the "grassroots medical treatment, appropriate protection, reasonable sharing" principle, the establishment of the basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents in the general out-patient service system in the pilot areas. Ordinary outpatient treatment with no deductibles, pilot areas of urban and rural residents medical insurance, medical personnel in the first grade and below grassroots medical institutions, the basic medical insurance in accordance with the "three" catalogue of the range gate (emergency) medical treatment of medical expenses subsidies, each at the rate of 50% per year to be reimbursed, funds accumulated reimbursement amount not more than 120 yuan. Basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents out of the general fund to co-ordinate the establishment of the fund transfer, the insured person does not pay. Implementation of the overall system of outpatient clinics at the same time, the abolition of the original NCMS family (individual) account system, the original account balance can continue to use.

"Medicare and rural residents general out-patient service system in Qinghai Province pilot work plan", the pilot areas should be combined with the actual study and formulate specific measures for implementation, the relevant departments should strengthen communication and coordination to jointly promote the pilot work. The general out-patient service system pilot work implementation, is to improve and perfect the basic medical insurance system for urban and rural residents, the implementation of effective measures to the provincial government to promote the integration of urban and rural medical security, and gradually unified urban and rural residents health insurance policy requirements, will further enhance the level of urban and rural residents medical insurance benefits, reduce the insured rural residents general outpatient medical expenses.  

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Standard temporary parking point to the public applauded

115 cities in the city of public temporary parking point (field) from the formal specification in January 28th, the public applauded. Now parking will be arbitrary charges? Parking will not give tickets? Reporters on the first day of the formal specification of the parking lot on the city’s temporary parking point of the investigation, and found that all temporary parking points can be charged according to the requirements, publicity, issued a bill.

[survey status]

can do three unified

The armband, unified

unified parking lot (field) new notes signs, unified, reporter random survey visited the city several parking spots found, like the "three unified" everywhere. People’s street toll Master Wang happily told reporters: "before the charges feel not bad, because the parking fee is also no less quarrel with the driver. Now we stand up straight but justifiably charge, public resources is building the road is the driver of the Department of transportation, taking up public resources on parking fee, now not only to recover the right to operate the Department of transportation also publicized the charges, in the future no longer and drivers quarrel."

[people feel] driver Liu told reporters that since January 28th, the city’s parking spaces on the road after the specification, parking fees become more formal, the spirit of the toll collectors are better than before.

[survey status two]

charges more transparent


reporter survey found that 115 of the temporary parking specification although located in zone four, but each parking point has its own legal status and are numbered one by one, and each parking spots are also in the road was arranged at the city public road temporary parking signs, signage clearly says a parking point number, street name, on the basis of the charges, fees, telephone supervision.

[people feel] driver Lee also said that before the arbitrary charges, do not give a common ticket. Where parking now how much money, parking signs written clearly, but also encountered a number of charges can be complaints department, regulate the good.



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Study and implement the General Secretary Xi 71 important speech spirit to promote the process of bu

"building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, is our party to the people, to make a solemn commitment to history, is the common hope of the more than 1 billion 300 million Chinese people." At the celebration of the 95 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC has profoundly expounded the main task of building socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Even on

, all departments in our province to seriously study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping’s "71" speech, at all levels of Party organizations and Party members and cadres agreed to speak to the spirit and power to follow, according to our provincial reform and development and the actual work, will accelerate the development of firm unwavering confidence, not slack, improve the livelihood of the people do not stop do not slack, lured out of poverty, to win the battle, for building a well-off society to lay a solid foundation.

improve people’s livelihood does not stop

"lead the people to create a happy life, is our party unswerving goal." Through the study of the spirit of the speech, Party organizations and cadres at all levels to further understand, to conform to the people’s yearning for a better life, adhere to the development of thought of taking people as the center, to protect and improve people’s livelihood, so that reform and development more equitably benefit all the people.

provincial animal husbandry department director Zhang Huangyuan said that the study and implement the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, to grasp the economic development of the new normal development of this new concept of logic, this thinking, the supply side structural reform measures, increase the income of farmers in the large scale, mobilize the masses to this great wisdom, the governing party’s rural work in principle, the "stability" efforts to lay a solid foundation for the stable; in the "change" in the enhancement of the development; see the effectiveness in the in word, to improve the development ability.

Department of Water Resources Minister Chen Xinglong said that the next five years, the province’s water conservancy investment is expected to reach 40 billion yuan, will add capacity of 600 million cubic meters of water, urban water supply water quality overall, rural tap water penetration rate reached 75%, the rate of centralized water supply water quality compliance rate reached 80%, and the water supply rate will be significantly improved.

director of production safety supervision and Management Bureau Mao Zhanbiao requirements of the whole system to learn the spirit of the general secretary speech as a guide, to ensure the unity of thinking to the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the provincial Party committee and government decision-making arrangements, firmly establish the concept of safe development, strengthen production safety red line consciousness, to further enhance the sense of responsibility, sense of urgency and mission overall, strengthen production safety work.

dry word pledge not slack

combined with the "two learning and one to do" learning and education, the provincial housing and urban construction department thematic study and implementation of the general secretary of the Communist Party of China in celebration of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the Communist Party of China on behalf of the General Assembly speech on the 95 anniversary of the Communist Party of china. Everyone agreed that should be based on the work, completes the work, improve the ability to work, the courage to bear responsibility, bear hard, take risks, to be honest official career for the "two" in the practice and training of cadres, temper the party spirit, improve quality, and strive to learn the results into practical measures to promote innovation and development.

provincial Environmental Protection Department Party members and cadres agreed that the implementation of;

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Zero query results

Reporters from the City Board of education, the relevant department: Xining City senior high school entrance examination result in 2014 will be held on July 2nd 00:00 announced, when candidates are available through the Xining entrance examination information ( "achievement publicity column, 1 sub query senior high school entrance examination scores, while using the registration number and password to log in the senior high school entrance examination enrollment system, click on the" scores query ", you can query to the individual senior high school entrance examination score and ranking.

graduates should be on July 5th -8, according to the unified arrangement of the school to focus on voluntary reporting. Back to Ning Sheng, the students to check the results, fill in the "2014 Xining high school enrollment volunteer (acquisition)", and complete the online voluntary reporting in July 6th before 18:00, July 7th -8, students and parents with senior high school entrance examination culture class ticket and fill in the "2014 Xining high school enrollment volunteer (Collection)", to the Xining Municipal Education Examination Yuan Pu trick branch site to confirm the signing of voluntary reporting information. In order to ensure the safety of network and the senior high school entrance examination scores, schools and candidates have no permission to download and print scores, where senior high school entrance examination scores certificate candidates, please on July 14th -15 8:30-18:00 in the city of Xining Teachers Training Center (Cold Lake Road West District No. 12) hall on the first floor of the office building for related matters.


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To help the cadres growth add, subtract, multiply and divide

in Xining city by the provincial Party Committee Organization Department cadres to carry out the study opportunities, through the flexible use of "operation mode in add, subtract, multiply and divide" to improve the quality of education, to help solve the cadres growth, service science development in the common denominator, effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of cadres training, to enhance the efficiency of cadre training. As of now, the municipal development took 11 training, training of cadres 550; various districts and departments have accumulated school organized 25 training courses, training of cadres of 1250 people. It is reported that the use of "
, add, subtract, multiply and divide" in cadre "and" study, expand the breadth and depth, and the method of expanding the form of training, strive for cadres to provide a more diverse training, through expanding channels, rich content, expand the scope of training, to make the whole city area cadres to share high-quality educational resources; to solve the difficulties and problems with "reduction", adhere to the problem oriented, promote engineering benefit, strive to overcome difficulties and barrier conditions, promote the contradictory movement process into the process of innovation and development, training cost, ease the compression technology contradiction, reduce duplication of training; "take" quality and enhance the effect, give full play to the leading role of leveraging the municipal demonstration training, arouse the multiplier multiplier effect, grasp the cadres to learn what "and" how to learn "the general will take the initiative to melt The basic education and training of cadres of the main battlefield, through training, improve the universities and local knowledge communication, expand the breadth and depth of the two sides were stationed in the building and sharing of resources in school; "in addition to" highlight the fairness and efficiency of the actual activities of people choose cadres eventful miscellaneous high requirements, pay attention to the use of the division part of the work, and strive to embody the fairness and efficiency of training.


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The thirteenth session of the five northwestern provinces (regions) flowers concert curtain

Xining Nanshan Park

7 9 is undoubtedly belongs to the flowers, flowers all over the mountains and plains in the melodious songs, so that every people who come here are intoxicated in the flowers of the world…… As the first Qinghai Silk Road art festival flowers heavyweight program – – – thirteenth five northwestern provinces (District) flowers concert officially launch, nearly 40 Chinese and foreign flowers here singers sing heartily, sing exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful flowers. Bao Yizhi, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman and the audience watched the feast of flowers.

the concert for the maximum size of the calendar year, in addition to invite our province and Gansu, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other provinces along the Silk Road of the famous flowers and flowers outside the rookie singer, was also invited to the countries along the Silk Road — the Kyrgyz Republic two outstanding singer Shisan Donggan Lu · Su Le Manai Ding and black tower mount Lowe for concert music, added the most thick and heavy in colours of a pen.

concert is divided into "the Silk Road" the Silk Road "the flowers of red flowers" edge "flowers" the Silk Road "the Silk Road" the Silk Road "for the love of flowers flowers" flowers "the Silk Road dream" six chapters, Han, Tibetan, Hui, Mongolia, soil, Sarah, security, Dongxiang, Yugur, Kazak, Uygur, Miao, Dong Gan 13 of the nearly 40 national flower singer took turns on stage, filling characteristics, the full interpretation of the "Qinghai is the hometown of flowers, the flowers are on the Silk Road, uninterrupted culture" theme.

performances last, along the Silk Road along with the national singers singing together with the Communist Party, the Communist Party is bright star, the atmosphere to the climax.


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Pay close attention to weaknesses in security and build a strong defense

May 29th to 30, the Municipal People’s Congress inspection team has been to the north of the city, the city zone, Huangzhong involved in the production safety departments of enterprises, construction site supervision and management of production safety inspection.

for the supervision and administration of production safety work in the individual unit safety consciousness, safety of the main responsibility for the implementation is not good enough, lack of safety investment, supervision and management mechanism is not perfect, some practitioners of self-protection, without professional training, undocumented, illegal operations and other phenomena, the inspection team requirements, all levels of government and relevant departments starting from the maintenance of the city’s overall economic and social development, focus on the implementation of the work of production safety, safety hazards investigation and management of the existence of positive. To build a safety line, to further strengthen the propaganda education and training, improve the understanding, the implementation of laws and regulations, to ensure that nearby residents and enterprise staff’s personal safety and property safety, departments at all levels should intensify efforts to urge enterprises to new staff training and safety aspects of learning, and resolutely curb production safety accidents the momentum, to ensure safety in production.  

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Open snack food store profit tips

leisure food taste is a lot of people can not refuse, taste very good, whether adults or children are all in love, for the majority of entrepreneurs in the business, they will also choose some leisure food items to do, because leisure food demand is big. Open a snack food stores, huge market demand, but also to bring greater business opportunities. Here to give you a look at the venture to open the store to buy food tips.

first, strive for innovation.

only to innovative leisure food store will have a future, hidebound or blindly imitate others, eventually will fail, any leisure food store must show their own characteristics, to create value, but also to increase the customer.

second, the pursuit of growth.

I personally think that if you do not pursue the growth of leisure food store, or not to challenge the higher goals, you can not taste the joy of success and a sense of fullness. I want to mix food, naturally undisciplined, eliminated.

third, to ensure a reasonable profit.

can not rely on the loss of the way to attract customers, must be quality service to obtain a normal profit. Long term to provide customers with quality services and better variety, in order to continue to develop.

fourth, diners as a starting point.

to diners vision as a starting point, clearly the needs of diners, and then to meet him. I think the first step is to know your business.

fifth, listen to the views of diners.

must understand the needs of diners, to do this, the best way is to listen. To conform to the nature, to benefit by mutual discussion, do the right thing, must be benefited in every way.

In fact,

prospects for the development of the leisure food industry is very good, want to engage in this business you can try to start joining secret leisure food store earnings this problem, after the introduction of the above, I believe we all understand that. Today’s entrepreneurial market, is still a mess, but also hope that we can find a really good project, join the investment, so as to bring good development.

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