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How to make your micro shop quickly rose powder


‘s open doors, pig CMS micro electricity supplier push new features gift! Code brother Wuli hardworking and beautiful in return to work after a few days, as we sent a surprise. This copy from rolia dedication, once again let Xiaobian feel the warmth of spring ~~


blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah,


the new function of micro electricity supplier said: buy attention. In simple terms, is a fan after prior to the attention of businesses and stores the numbers and the public attention, commodity purchase price is not the same as with the original 998! The new coat, fans store public concern number 798, price concessions can take to. There is such a good thing in the world, I read less, you do not lie to me…


fans will be able to get attention as long as the fingertips, the purchase price attractive. Such benefits, which fans don’t love? (after all, attention is not pregnant,


fans enthusiastic attention, let an amount of fans like businesses and stores the public number of new peak channeling. The powder is so subtle and quick that you can withstand the temptation of a goblin.?

piglets CMS micro electricity supplier concerned about the purchase of features, support for businesses to set the price of a separate concern (in the form of discount). For example, businesses can focus on the sale of A products after the price is set to 10 percent off, broken B code can be set to 20 percent off. As a result, businesses can be based on different goods, the freedom to set the price of concern, the shop has become more flexible. Is not good wit ~~

in order to make it easier for fans to pay attention to the public number of the shop, the product details page will be the corresponding number of public figures to guide the fans to guide the two-dimensional code. Quick attention, a "code" to arrive. What the user experience also need small red fruit to reveal


pay attention to the purchase function, by the pig CMS micro electric providers pour dedication, shop suction powder, easy. Open the function, on your big hi Pu Ben rose pink journey ~ ~ (author: pig CMS micro signal: pigcms micro-blog: CMS- pig across Hefei)

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The acquisition of Jingdong for rally targeting the IPO concept than substance

tonight hotel special offer in fade media vision for a long time, Jingdong investment and let it be remembered. The hotel inventory processing APP has become fashionable for a time: it through the mobile Internet, the momentum of digging Ctrip elong and other chiefs of the angle, gave the capital market good imagination, also wrote articles to the online travel media provides a good point. Nevertheless, from the start tonight hotel special offer is not the protagonist, Ctrip angry pressure tonight special offer hotel soon hit the ceiling.

Jingdong investment this time, tonight’s special offer is only a supporting role. You can be lucky, entrepreneurial team of investment to buy a good outcome; the CEO joined Jingdong VP also considered good way; but there is no need to pay too much attention to whether tonight special offer hotel can borrow this mountain to the rise of Jingdong, behind the logic more meaningful consider the investment acquisition of Jingdong.

understanding of the three facts of Jingdong investment acquisitions

first of all, about Jingdong, there are almost three things to be sure of:

1) Jingdong in the United States in the 2014 campaign, to IPO;

2) Jingdong began to attach importance to investment mergers and acquisitions, the former capital executives invited to invest in the acquisition of the business;

3) Jingdong currently do not have much money to invest in large scale, at this stage, the concept is greater than the substance.

first, the Jingdong in the United States in 2014 2013 announced the implementation of the IPO campaign, 100 billion in sales and to achieve profitability; Dong returned from the United States, high-profile announced in 2014 five strategic…… All the signs indicate that the Jingdong has in the IPO campaign, all with IPO as the core, which is the basis for understanding the initiatives of the Jingdong in 2014. Jingdong in early 2013, the valuation of the capital market is about $12 billion, the entire 2013 Jingdong made good progress in the work, the current market valuation should be more than $20 billion. But in order to achieve a unity, the victory of the IPO, which in the Amazon of China, the concept of this somewhat reluctant to have to add more glorious label.

second, Jingdong, Chang Bin, vice president of capital investment in its first round of investment institutions to dig up to be responsible for investment matters, which indicates that the Jingdong to invest in mergers and acquisitions placed in a more important position. From 2004 the Jingdong to carry out online shopping business from the past ten years, most of the time in the Jingdong of state money, no ability and few investment acquisition initiatives; development in 2014, has been profitable Jingdong may not be as propaganda, but the cash flow should be quite healthy, began to have the ability to make some investment in mergers and acquisitions. Of course, Chang Bin’s team is still in the start-up period, in order to have a big action still need to wait for some time.

third, Jingdong although the flow of health funds, but certainly not too much money before the listing of the acquisition. So, before the acquisition of Jingdong IPO concept is greater than the substance, which belongs to the lack of which. Including the acquisition of tonight hotel special

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Jingdong appliance push home appliance purchase index in 2016 to fully beyond the United States and

news March 1st, Jingdong home appliance Strategy Conference held today at the Beijing conference, Jingdong proposed "comprehensive appliance beyond beauty Jiangsu, becoming the first in the industry", and launched the first home appliance purchase index".


Jingdong appliance push home appliance purchase index in 2016 to fully beyond the United States and the Soviet Union

The conference

Jingdong announced the new appliance marketing strategy, its core content is "brand advocates new buy appliances, Jingdong, and Jingdong according to the extension of the mascot JOY" home of the four man "image, and in a second tier city in line, county fairs and thousands of caravan activities.

Jingdong home appliances also launched a new service, the joint China household electrical appliances research institute and China Electronic Technology Group Corporation Third Research Institute, the two authorities in the industry for the first time launched the purchase index". According to the different characteristics of the index, the appearance and manipulation, safety and other indicators to assign different weights of the score, and ultimately provide consumers with an intuitive, concise unified authority score.

conference also announced that in 2016 Jingdong home appliances will be joined by the way in the country to open the village of Jingdong home appliance stores". In addition, in terms of cooperation with suppliers, in 2016 the Jingdong home appliance supplier commitment to strategic cooperation brand three years does not rise contract point".

conference, Jingdong mall home appliances division president Yan soldier said that the Jingdong does not meet just to do online home appliance channel first, 2016 will achieve online and offline comprehensive beyond, becoming the home appliance retail channels first. (Wang Kaka)

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Whether it is WAL-MART or Ali Jingdong do business super electricity supplier may be the best choice

text / Tencent technology Sun Hongchao

in the past few years, the wanton onslaught of electricity providers changed countless traditional retail industry, this long list including but not limited to books, household appliances, clothing, baby products: the book industry in order to give electricity supplier discount and virtual bid price, the home appliance industry in order to avoid the business platform price war for different business platform development only 1/1000 subtle differences the household appliances and the baby industry is from domestic to overseas.

but even in the electricity supplier who most wanton in a traditional Super Charge still proudly said: "science and technology Tencent, each consumer will not give up their right to" see ", whether the electricity supplier how convenience stores under the line will have its own unique advantages." The official further said that online sales in the supermarket, fresh category accounted for nearly five of the amount of ingredients and high gross margin, and this category is precisely the short board of the electronic business platform.

but with further optimization of supply chain, vegetables, fruits, meat, toilet paper, mineral water, these have been people think it is difficult to purchase goods in the electronic business platform through a car refrigerator car, tricycle to consumers at the door.

more giant is also the influx of this huge industry, recently won the No. 1 store, marriage Jingdong of WAL-MART and Ali in the system Tmall supermarket also released relentless, three years to the first line of the supermarket; while domestic retail chain giant Huarun has invested tens of thousands of "new Meida", believe that the target is not financial investment.

According to market research firm Nelson

report, China’s fresh e-commerce market will show explosive growth in the next three years. 2018 is expected to exceed 150 billion, an average annual compound growth rate of up to 50%. Currently, fresh food in the domestic electricity supplier penetration of less than 1%, compared to clothing and 3C digital products, electricity supplier penetration rate of 20%, fresh upgrade space is also very large. Another figure is that the entire FMCG industry is currently only 7% online penetration.

is an electricity supplier practitioners of the Tencent said the super category has a high rate of re purchase, and can quickly attract consumers: "the domestic electricity supplier industry has met the ceiling, relative swing uncertain and cross-border electricity infrastructure is still weak in the rural electricity supplier, the super category is the incremental market rare."

burn is wrong?

consumers are losing interest in physical stores, especially among young people. The pursuit of "Beijing paralysis" groups are more in love online shopping, wait for the express door. This trend is reflected in the market data, China’s supermarket chain ranked first in Huarun last year, an increase of 5.2%, while Tmall supermarket data is the same for the past three years, 300%.


, as a representative of the category of super food providers are also facing difficulties in the embarrassment of profitability, the current domestic fresh electricity supplier industry failed to achieve profitability. Founded in 2009, Tootoo invested billions of funds, but did not achieve profitability; at the beginning of January 2013, due to financing.

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Baidu union sword sword to help enterprises play network marketing

days ago, Baidu union smitten, for business customers launched two free value-added services: Network Alliance 123 and Baidu creative experts.

123 network alliance provides customers with a simple website navigation platform, where customers can understand Baidu alliance numerous site information, and in accordance with the website industry, heat, flow, filtering requirements, support alliance certification form and size of screening, easily launched website display, query, preview release four functions, screening. The Baidu creative experts will be hundreds of templates to do the division, affixed with different labels, customers can be based on industry, theme, color template selection.

the two free value-added services tools on the line just won the praise of enterprise customers, as they use the web promotion "right hand man", allow enterprises to develop Internet marketing difficulty significantly reduced.

It is reported that

, web promotion is another innovation of Baidu for enterprise customers to provide marketing services. With illustrations, web promotion support dynamic picture, suspension, patch and other characteristics, can help enterprises better attract customers attention, stimulate potential demand, strengthen the brand image, to achieve a more ideal network marketing. "

"we hope that through the strong technical strength of Baidu, so that every enterprise needs to promote, can operate like a fool cameras, using Baidu union products, network marketing to enhance the value of." Baidu official said. This is the Baidu union to promote the development of the first year, network alliance will also launch more new and improved features, inject vitality into the enterprise network marketing Everfount.

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Indiana Fang Weiyiyuan open a new chapter in the electricity supplier model system

2016, with the development of science and technology, more and more businesses began to pay attention to electricity providers and even become electricity supplier. The online competition is more and more big, many businesses in order to attract fans, at the launch of discounted draw even seckill promotions, give yourself a big bloodletting and wasn’t sure whether it can over costs benefit businesses. But there are many disadvantages of lottery mode, fans inevitably suspected shady, easy to cause resentment fans. In order to solve this embarrassing situation, various marketing app came into being, which is a dimension of Indiana yuan fang.


Indiana yuan, according to the literal meaning, is to spend money to get the right baby. What is this work? In fact, is a commodity is divided into several parts, each value of one yuan, each has a corresponding number of indiana. Users can also buy multiple copies to increase the winning rate. All copies are sold, the platform will be drawn from all the buyers in a lucky. The lucky person will eventually get the goods.

traditional mode of draw or spike, everyone can participate. But the more the number of the winning probability is small, most of the users are come in high spirits but return disappointed. A novel model of Indiana continued to draw, but also fair and open. As long as one yuan, will be able to participate in indiana. The final winning number by the time, always color the fixed elements, which completely break shady marketing, for the fans to create a fair and open platform for Indiana, more to meet the fans want to deduct the psychological.

for businesses, one yuan Indiana broke the traditional one to one marketing mode, through the sale of a commodity to attract thousands or even tens of thousands of consumer attention, save a substantial amount of advertising costs. The original goods send flesh can now not only do not spend high cost, not hoard goods, even can make the difference, to achieve profitability. One yuan is the most convenient way to present Indiana drainage, allow businesses to get rid of the blind price, thin profit margins and other brutal means, but also in the future mall opened advertising, to maximize profits.

Fujian square Mdt InfoTech Ltd, is the industry’s leading software developers. 8 years experience in product development. The elite team for you, to customize the exclusive one yuan Indiana online mall, including a total of three end WeChat PC+APP+. For the use of small or medium enterprises or research and development, its full-featured, user experience is good, and built a variety of marketing functions dedicated to SME solutions. Businesses can quickly build a bound WeChat cloud one yuan shopping mall, no store, no customer service, no delivery, no customer service, not to understand the technology, development. Just a little bit, you can immediately operate. Open your yuan cloud purchase new world!

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On the protracted war of online shopping mall in Chinese University

about 70 years ago, a great proletarian leader comrade Mao Zedong, facing the crazy invasion of Japanese imperialism, wrote the famous "on protracted war" is actually a correct judgment and then another effect China modern legend Jiang Jieshi extraordinarily similar.

and now the Internet is innumerable, uneven in quality. The author analyzes the current market situation with the concrete campus network shopping mall. The rise of great powers, China has become the third pole of world economic growth. Expanding domestic demand is one of the three driving forces of China’s economy, the network economy will play an important role in the future for a long time. Have a strong vitality in the experience of 2000, after the bubble economy, the Alibaba network maniac Ma created business empire, followed by the operation of Taobao onto another peak, at the same time, Huicong network library etc. have good performance. In Jingdong, where the customer, Chihiro as the representative of the B2C in recent years, the rapid growth of network economy, becoming the other pole broke. Vertical B2C industry is also a variety of industries amazing energy, affecting the brain of countless young entrepreneurs.

27 million college students on behalf of the campus economy, of course, can not be ignored. Due to the lower threshold of entrepreneurship, to the campus network as a representative of a number of campus shopping network at the same time coexist, and no boss. But with the breakdown of the market economy, capital intervention, a small part of the mall will win, mainly due to:

1, China network mall need more than a vast territory and abundant resources. Now the campus network mall is widely distributed in Beijing, Tianjin and other large cities represented by the huge market needs more intermediate service providers to serve the.

2, the online shopping economy is still in its infancy, yet immature. After all, the development of the Internet in China for more than ten years, online shopping is still only a small part, with the further popularization of the network, online shopping will return to rational business, the market will be further standardized.

3, online shopping enterprises outstanding mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, will eventually win. Now many network operators are university graduates, or amateur part-time work to sell, try holding the attitude. Whether in the supply, or logistics, service providers, do not have the advantage. Due to the relatively low cost, often can earn money can do, at a low price to fight the market, for a period of time not to earn money will be withdrawn. The powerful enterprises will integrate resources, emphasizing service, after-sale protection. Other users return to rational consumer awareness, these small sites will confuse the public, fish in troubled waters out of the market.

4.2% network companies to grasp the flow of 98%. Network mall due to the constraints of time and space, in fact, more easily polarized, a large network of the Empire to master the main network economy, economies of scale in the same network.


online shopping mall boutique campus network as the leading industry, has an irreplaceable advantage. System, the development of the campus economy, the use of its campus advertising, campus activities, a variety of part-time jobs, employment and entrepreneurship, offline stores and other resources, will be

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Single day for let flow into business opportunities

"singles" holiday economy "as an important part of the economy", to a single person natural with 35 singles friends, friends, eat, sing K is simple. This year coincides with the singles day is Friday, is not a working day, whether it is online menace from the rear, the line activities can be taken into account, is rich and colorful. The users are keen to group purchase as an example, many businessmen to seize the opportunity, have launched the "Festival" preferential group purchase can converge, large flow, but also can reap the benefits of more popular gathering, started their places, killing two birds with one stone.


2010-2011 "singles day" – the electricity supplier logistics industry data analysis

to buy a site organized by the park ticket buying activities, for example, just participate in activities, a ticket that can be discounted into the park tour. At the same time, the visitors into the park, only based on "single tickets" to add an extra element, which can carry with me. In order to take care of to participate in the work of the day, after work to the visitors into the park, the park specially arranged lighting, whether single or couple family, day or night to visit the beauty of ornamental light color, can give a full range of care, it is the mind.


activities except for fun tour group purchase, and the party organization type of group purchase is numerous. In the group buying industry, there are festivals, no section of the festival has been the practice for many years. When the day is not occur even in a hundred years, his have linked with the next line of business planning, many single dating activities, and even played in the last century singles success in hand! "Banner to attract tourists. For ordinary office activities are not many people, attractive self-evident. At the same time, has always been to the shopping way to reward themselves buyers, in the face of major business platform launched promotions, ability to resist the temptation to index plummeted.

according to browse Taobao found that many sellers are busy with the supply of communication and logistics, but also the need to allocate human resources to create holiday special promotional pages, contact promotion and other work, a slight decline in the number of orders. The seller should have direct decimal closed for a week. Only to meet the "century day" that day. The Taobao mall official also launched a similar double 11, half off promotions, involving clothing, shoes, bags, cosmetics, food and other categories. Other electricity providers such as, Jingdong mall, all passengers without joining the "hundred regiments" formation, all launched a number of promotions, etc., very panic buying seckill gather popularity effect of festival activities, determined to convert between flow rate and business opportunities as much as possible to the extreme.

as the core part of the online shopping industry support, simply on the terms of the volume of business in terms of Taobao, has occupied a lot of courier business volume of 50%~80%. The logistics industry experienced last year "critical" important lessons after it has been ahead in the transport team, team number, background support and other aspects to actively prepare.

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The benefits of e-commerce blog

what is a blog?

blog has been defined by many people in various ways. But in general, a blog is a series of authors or authors of a particular subject or theme that is published on a web site. Blogs can be divided into two categories: individuals and businesses. Indeed there is some overlap between the two, but the typical personal blog about personal views, interests, or the interests of the author, and the nature of business blogs are more professional, and specific industry and business issues.

for beginners, how blogs work, and even how to make money on your blog. There is a wealth of information on the Internet, so in order not to repeat unnecessary problems, I will focus on e-commerce.

the benefits of a corporate blog

1) search engine optimization: people have noticed that the blog on the site has a positive effect on the search engine rankings for many sites. Why does it look like search engines like blog sites?. There are a lot of misunderstanding on this issue, one day, I overheard someone to answer a question about the blog search engine through the blog to find the site is more important than the ranking". This is categorically incorrect. Blogs, in fact, have a certain impact on the search engine ranking is the reason for the inheritance of the benefits of running your blog on your site, the search engine ranking factors in the initial stage. In fact, the blog is just a tool for webmasters, it is easy to apply to their website, many of these factors. So what are the benefits of these search engines running a blog?

l content: in today’s search engine optimization world, you may encounter the phrase "content is king" everywhere. Search engines like many valuable, fresh, and relevant content.

l freshness: fresh, updated content that has been rumored for a long time (after all no one knows actually) affects search engine rankings.

l related links: especially with Google, attach great importance to the value of your site around what other sites link to you. Better quality websites link to you and your site is considered an "authoritative" theme. In a number of social media marketing experts, focusing on creating "link bait" article. The article, by successfully generating links to your site, thereby enhancing its visibility.

2) viral marketing: the use of social media published an article. By creating blogs and submitting your articles to these sites, you are allowing your information to be readily available to their user community. Even better, by creating interesting, unique articles, users of these social media sites can share your article to other community users, so that your article comes into contact with thousands of readers every day. Through the appropriate content, blog can be one of the most cost-effective form of network marketing.

3) industry trends (Web 2):>

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The president of the rich for money

He agrees with the idea that "rich is not the three generation". He said he did not consider the money left to his children, but to provide generous benefits for each employee. The first is to let the staff, sales staff to get rich, so he advocated the "river water river with" rather than "river water river". He believes that employees rich, rich will be rich. As a boss, he has always been in the enterprise to implement the policy of "possession of wealth".

There is no luxury decoration

with the shareholding system reform of Shanghai tape factory, along the way from the state-owned enterprises in Yuan Li, the establishment of modern enterprise system in the germination of the realization of self value idea. However, the reason he decided to quit to talk, so far, still make him angrily. That year, 43 year old Yuan Li decided to quit the job will be listed in Shanghai tape Limited by Share Ltd, began to build a large company. During this period, he found the house, recruit employees, cover 14 stamp, riding a motorcycle tire broken, finally successful establishment of Shanghai and Hong Kong joint venture Fuda tape products Co., as chairman and general.