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Talking about the profit way of small and medium websites

The development of

China in the beginning of the Internet, there are many opportunities to see the site have been established, NetEase, Sohu, Sina and so on these now large portals, wave of development in the Internet, only 10 years of time, has become a great master of business. Of course, not only the tide roll to roll to the Dean, also want to become Dean of the thousands on thousands of people, so a lot of even mass small and medium-sized websites built up, but many of the sites, to become a scholar, but I do not know how to master earnings, their website was established, the money in the wallet is not in that people can not help but ask, how do we make money? read more

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Website design analysis the three directions of Chinese design

today, China local designers have a great opportunity to learn the world success and failure experience, but at the same time, its rich and diverse culture has gradually been neglected in the rapid development of the economic tide and single (except food culture), to the general public, has become a symbol of the superficial, China the designers face to the west, there are not enough cultural self-confidence.


is divorced from the traditional elements and ideas, followed by foreign "internationalism" style, or imitated the ancient cultural heritage, is understandable. However, China, as the world’s leading superpower, should make contributions and influence in the field of contemporary cultural and creative work in addition to manufacturing. On the one hand, designers should draw on foreign design techniques and ideas, and explore the unique cultural and spiritual dimensions of China, so as to develop their own ideas and styles. In the book "design view", [1] put forward the direction of the three efforts of "Chinese design". This article mainly discusses from the point of view of UI and Web design. read more

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Wu Jian micro-blog ultimate, in fact you can

article "in an article on the network promotion training: a hero mowen source", I simply introduce the Mou Changqing teachers participate in network promotion training, the article came out by many people’s attention, especially has been quietly supporting my colleagues and leadership. The colleague said to me, "I envy the opportunity," and the leader told me, "boy, do it well."!". In fact, at the beginning, I entered the evergreen student exchange group with a dream and passion. Now, a week has passed and the fact proves that I am really lucky. read more

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Webmaster can not present website value, website has no meaning

most search engines on the above flow and profit, but the website ranking and flow instability let the webmaster friends scold every two or three days of search engines, but there are more and more friends to join in this industry. Into this industry, making money may go deeper, if you can not make money, you can leave the faint.

regardless of what the site was originally built, the ultimate goal is to profit, perhaps the more obvious is the flow. Webmaster friends, do not deny this point of view, even if a blog, we also hope that more people visit. Whether for profit now or later earnings, whether for fame or otherwise, the basic data of all this is the flow. How to traffic, a very important factor is the value of the site, so today Guardian want to explore the problem is: webmaster can’t present website value, web site has no meaning. read more

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Over and without mark traffic halved is not necessarily bad

June 1st, remember during the Dragon Boat Festival is Baidu big update, also the pages of put out, very happy, the two day of the traffic high Oh! But the beginning of 61, flow rate greatly reduced, site not see the home page, the inside pages continues to update, now to the more than 160 page, included the speed is very slow, only 160 pages a week. Then I have been watching for my Baidu traffic, days of the end of May, my home a lot of words are down, the inside pages included just gave me a lot of weight. After June, inside the page, the amount of the home is gone, is usually 1/3. Poor IP! ­! read more

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Yang Huan a mature website needs a lot of detail

a few days ago, some friends asked me how to optimize the site to be called a mature website? I consider to still have a lot of friends and for the very concept, is not very understanding, even if some people can understand, but to their own website or corporate website encountered a lot of tedious things, summarize below I simple this time, all the summary to I mentioned it. See what mature website to have what.

In fact,

mentioned below may be suitable for beginners, but also only suitable for regular site enterprises SEO, such as the short-term optimization method is very simple, we still encourage you to do some permanent normal station, of course also depends on what do you want to make money project SEO or become a leader of a senior manager or in the enterprise, but the truth is only one, the purpose of SEO is to make money, first here, let’s get back to business. read more

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CPC’s advertising methods can not be found cheating method

told you a secret, in fact all CPC advertising has not found cheating methods. Including GG BAIDU as long as the pattern of the advertising can not use cheating;. Brush, the technical content and easy to find it! Learn more about JavaScript. It is really a good stuff. I just realized how much he used, click on the number of clicks on the point which points which advertising advertising. I just want to make the flow up, match the ads well, hey hey, hang up in mid month, and unload at the end of the month. read more

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Do adhere to the two word easier said than done

do the website, I think everyone will say to adhere to.

, including those personal website bigwigs, to us these new proposals are also persistent, and only persist in the results will be successful,.

, but it’s two words. What you really can do, or stick to it, is not much,.

so the success is always so little, and unsuccessful webmaster too much, too many,.

around a lot of webmaster friends, the site has opened one after another, of course, including myself, but not a long drive,.


so I watched my friends, a station, a station change, often to change the name of their friendship links, but for so long have not seen friends, which website has done successfully. read more

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How do I make the website a month, very powerful

Objective: To summarize the

do stand experience, do stand, first of all to find a good starting point, his attention to the propaganda and organization of meaningful activities, brains, sites can be quicker, can be very powerful thunder.

used to do a lot of websites and ended up halfway. The main reason is that they are not in accordance with their actual situation. We go along with others. In the end, it can only end in failure.

‘s site is a coincidence. My wife’s brother, after graduation, spent some time with my company and found him on campus regularly. So I went up to have a look and found it was very good and suitable for young people today. Then an idea began to grow. read more

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I do Lanzhou family education network all the way to the story


tutoring industry has many years in Lanzhou this glorious city, things can always move forward, many parents are always looking for more time and more efficient way to find a tutor, in twenty-first Century of the "information is king" era, the network has become a necessary stage in many industries, the development of the Internet industry is now Chinese during the days after will spread to the Internet, then the site into a name card. With the birth of Lanzhou tutoring network, her convenience and efficiency have become the first choice for many parents and friends. read more

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From college students to personal webmaster only a step away

As a college student,

always feels that something should be done to help those students who have been dispirited and bored all day long. Has been brewing for a long time, and finally write down such an article, dedicated to now have good time but I do not know the value of college students!


has heard numerous lectures at school, mostly to promote their own training institutions, or else for their own enterprises to advertise something. But almost unanimously mentioned: now the economic downturn, employment difficulties. Yes, that’s true, but it doesn’t seem to cause too much attention to college students. Of course, most people don’t do anything about it, read more

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How to set up the column of county portal website

said the portal, big and small, large and small Sohu to Sina Township Branch Bureau, as the website, many large scale portal how, how we should set reasonable web channels and columns in the construction of a county portal site? Below, with a county website I do (Xishui nets) about how to set up the portal section, hoping to give you some inspiration and reference.


is portal website, content is definitely the official press cover and contain everything, conventional folk, gossip, business information, entertainment and leisure life, tourism and so on, a lot of friends in the first site is often not clear, so I want to do the portal website of friends may wish to first took out pen and paper, make a outline planning. read more

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Key primary webmaster said, soft Wen.

! Today to talk about soft Wen, or old, we have no future? To get to know, not words others non language all paper planes can fly far? What can deters? I will always be such a person, do what I will not stop until no results, I hope you stick to it! People want to consider the famous pig Zhuang stationmaster must focus on! Not every day thinking about the future and not look at the foot of the road, and I was trying to do their own thing to do, I hope that we can support, focus on the primary webmaster is not so easy it is not so easy to fall in the vast the Internet read more

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Liu Erhai Why are a lot of website flow very tall, but did not make big platform

(the Liu Erhai entrepreneur magazine in 2014 7 "maixiao business: Everybody loves a joke" comments made by


in the Internet industry, "traffic is king" rule should be known to all. Generally speaking, traffic is the foundation of everything. What does traffic mean? Traffic is attention, traffic, or a series of behaviors, such as browsing on the website, opening the home page, browsing the following pages, clicking on the goods, clicking on the shopping cart, online trading and so on. Internet practitioners will never hide their pursuit of traffic. Many large players are free to do the flow, and then look for the realization of the method, Tencent, 360, Baidu are so. Many people also noted that there are indeed many sites traffic is high, but in the end did not make big platforms, such as: Tianya, mop,, happy and so on. What is the reason for this? In the mobile Internet, is the traffic the same as the PC Internet? How does the social network affect the traffic distribution? This article will be discussed one by one. read more

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Experience of successful entrepreneurs on the Internet

is a comprehensive summary of the experience of successful footprints, reflects the online business rules, but it is not the golden laws and precious rules flexibly according to the actual situation, to their own.

has a concept of online business, now let’s see what specific operations need to be paid attention to. Needs to be emphasized is that a comprehensive summing up these experiences, but the success of footprints, reflects the basic rules of online business, the thick line, not what can not be applied mechanically, golden laws and precious rules, the most important thing is according to your own circumstances, flexible use. read more

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Analysis of how to do the most effective Baidu promotion

after many companies contact Baidu promotion, always looking for the answer to a question, that is how to do Baidu promotion has the best effect, and high salaries to recruit personnel in the bidding, Baidu account on a big fuss, key words, ideas, description, how to match, how to adjust, how to price, how to set up regional how to track visitors, habits, etc., a series of work done, the result is Baidu promotion spent a lot of money, a lot of tricks, but Baidu promotion to enhance the effect is not obvious, Xiaobian think, Baidu promotion official with a variety of functions, especially in the statistical functions do the above articles, and is not really in order to help users to upgrade Baidu Baidu promotion promotion effect, but to a final goal, let Baidu Extended users spend more money. read more

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Entrepreneurship on the road to death, bold starved to death, timid

Chinese dare Ganpin saying: support dead bold, timid starved to death. When the opportunity to get rich just appeared, not everyone can immediately see. Most people are timid, aggressive and lack of spirit, such as see, the opportunity has passed. The rich have made a fortune, the rest of the people can expect money helplessly. The most billionaires are those who start when the chance of getting rich doesn’t happen. It’s really a big deal.

moves quickly, and in today’s competitive, competitive society, it’s faster than ever, slow and sure to lag behind. At the beginning of the reform and opening up, the state has repeatedly urged everyone to be bolder and move a little faster." At that time, almost all Chinese people heard this sentence, but only those who move faster, caught the opportunity to become rich. The ten golden rule of entrepreneurship read more

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2015 do SEO, why confused, these must be clear!

now many people are saying that SEO is becoming more and more difficult to do, the effect is difficult to reflect. Has done a lot of work, but not only did not increase the effect, ranking actually fell. Similarly, there are many different views, think 2015SEO optimization technology and ideas on the same will have very good results.

Now the

SEO or the SEO, but on the one hand with the algorithm change, in each dimension score important degree of change, on the other hand the cyber source in these years has accumulated a lot of resources at the same time, these dimensions have been erected in the corresponding barriers. SEO used to be basically equivalent to the effect, and now is the operation (SEO+…… ) equal to effect. read more

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How to carefully create transaction type Huajing micro business circle of friends

students do a lot of friends of micro business, turnover or rarely, or is not, then how to make micro business transactions more friends together? How much is the volume or circle of friends operation accounts for a large part of the reason. On my own micro business for 2 years of experience, most of the customers are concerned about my circle of friends for some time to consult. Therefore, the operation of the circle of friends is very important. To make the product sold, in addition to the correct operation of the circle of friends, you also need the product is very good, but the pain is enough. read more

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Discussion on local talent recruitment vertical website operation and promotion plan

has many individuals, grassroots webmaster in the beginning of entrepreneurship, the local talent recruitment site as an entry point, began his career. Is it a tough job to run a local talent vertical class website? Random search of a region + talent network, there will be a few or even more than a dozen talent sites, if your site wants to stand out, a good operational thinking is indispensable. Empty today and a lot of talent recruitment website long talked a lot, some very good experience and share with you. read more